Doodle Jump tips and tricks

Doodle Jump is a fun and addictive platform game that has gotten extremely popular on smartphone devices. It was developed by Lima Sky and its available on almost every type of device there is.

doodle jump tips tricks

If like us, you are a fan of this game, you will find our tricks and tips really helpful in making you beat your high score! if you been playing this game and you are stuck, you have come to right place to get unstuck. If you are just so addicted to this game and playing its not enough here you will find fun ways of playing it, and things that you may not had been aware of before.

Please note that if you only have the free version, there is things we may write about that will not be available in your free version of the app. Its a good idea to buy it to get the full fun experience and also to get rid of the advertisement! If you just downloaded the free version to decide if its worth to buy it or not we are sure you will end up buying it before you know it.

Ok so enough introductions, now to what you came here looking for, tips and tricks to improve your game and most important, get new high scores! Here are some tips that will most definitely make you improve:

Memorize the patterns:

After some time playing the game and moving Doodle the Doodler you will start noticing repetitions in patterns, start making mental notes of these and try to memorize them. Make this a habit while you are playing and it will become easier and easier to memorize the patterns. Once you start recognising patterns you will be able to predict them and you will be able to move Doodle in much more complex patterns without failing.

Turn off directional shooting:

You can turn off the directional shooting if its too hard to use for you. If you do this you will need to change your gaming style and start killing the monsters that are right on top of your Doodler. But remember that also the only monsters that can kill you are the ones that are on the platform you land on.

Use the left and right borders of your screen:

Take advantage of the fact that there are no blocks on the sides and use it to get from left to right and the other way around. This can make a big difference when platforms are put in places too hard to get to.

Use a relaxed position. 

No, not for Doodle the Doodler, but for you. You play Doodle Jump by moving and inclining your device and its very sensitive to any change so you want every movement of your device to be controlled and not unintentional. So sit comfortable when playing to minimise unnecessary movements.

Time is your friend:

Unlike many games, Doodle Jump has no time limits so you should take your time and resist the urge to advance without thinking it. Take advantage of this to plan out each move, just a little patience and critical thinking will go a long way in the world of Doodle the Doodler.

Touch below and shot up:

Our beloved Doodler is equipped with a gun to kill monsters. If you tap the screen he will shoot that way. But you don’t need to touch up and mask whats happening with your finger, you can touch on the lower part of the screen and the Doodler will still shoot up and in that direction.

Its time to put in practice these useful to tips so fire up Doodle Jump and try to get a new high score!

Happy Jumping!

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iWatch app development: Limitations and challenges await

The iWatch is the latest device from Apple and the first the company releases in the wearable technology category. This new smartwatch it’s not the first to arrive the market as other similar devices based on Android OS have been released before. The big difference is that the iWatch is from Apple, a company with an incredibly loyal and large user base, and with the smartwatch being regarded, as the perfect companion for the iPhone is almost sure that the adoption by consumers will be wide and solid.

For app developers looking to do iWatch app development if they already have experience developing for iOS the iWatch should present no major problems as the apps for this device are built in the same way that any other iOS apps. Having said that, developers should be aware that the app development possibilities are initially limited and they will not have full access to all the hardware and sensors present in the device. Currently developers using the WatchKit SDK can basically use it to just extend iOS apps to the iWatch but no access to some of the hardware like the digital crown, microphone or gestures has been made available yet to third party developers, the reason given by Apple for this is to keep battery drainage to a minimum and avoid developers making apps with annoying user experience.


Long before the release of the actual device Apple started distributing the WatchKit SDK. Which developers can download and use to do iWatch app development. Its worth to outline that under the current scenario there is no possibility to actually develop native apps for the iWatch as the device is –for now- a sort of only a second screen for the iPhone, this makes it really useful in a way that enables users to just have a quick glance to their wrist to access relevant information or notifications on calls, emails, messages, etc. For third party apps the watch does not render animations or does any processes by itself but it gets everything pre rendered and processed in the iPhone which then pushes the data to the iWatch over a Bluetooth connection.


Battery life was one of the main if not the most critical concern of Apple when designing the iWatch, as it is highly important for it to be able to get through a whole day. The company official statement regarding this is that the battery has a duration of 18 hours which means that users will have to plug it every night if they want to use the device as a they would with any normal watch: everyday, all day.

But battery life of the iWatch itself its not the only concern, given that the device needs an iPhone to work and a big percentage of all the processes that the iWatch needs happen actually on the iPhone a fair concern is how big of an impact will the device have on the battery life of the iPhone when its paired with one. As Apple put high relevance on making the battery life of the iWatch up to 18 hours to ensure it can go through a whole day of use without powering off its then a fair question to make if the iPhone will be able to also keep up with this extra battery drainage through a whole day, because in the end the iWatch battery may last 18 hours but its no point to it if it renders itself pretty much useless once its loses connection with an iPhone .

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So you want to make your own game?

Game apps are fun, and sometimes our gaming paths cross with games so fun like Doodle Jump that we can’t get enough of it and we let our imagination fly and we start creating new levels, monsters and even weapons in our heads. Soon enough and without even noticing it you realise that you have a somewhat consistent idea for a new game app.

And when you become aware that some game developers like the guys behind Doodle Jump have become millionaires thanks to their simple but highly fun and addicting game your somewhat consistent idea starts getting stronger and with that some obvious questions start to arise.

The first one and more common is how much does it cost to build an app, if you are not a developer you will need to hire one to get your app done, you will also need a designer to do the UI. If your budget is really low you may try to find a freelance developer that is capable of doing everything but unless you are serious about the success of you app or you have the necessary skills you will need to spend some money.

Some ways of cutting costs its going with an overseas developer. There are websites such as oDesk or Elance where you can hire app developers on an hourly rate or on a project basis. Depending on the features of your game you can consider this option as it will cost you a fraction of what you would spend with a local developer or company.

Now, if your budget is extremely thin but you want your app idea made a reality no matter what you can consider being flexible and take the road of buying an app template. An app template is an app already working which in some cases can be a clone of a popular app like Flappy bird or Doodle Jump or can also be something more generic like just a car that drives in an infinite road. What you do is buy the code and then get someone (or learn how to) “Re-skin” the app, this means adding or changing all the graphics with some of your own.

In the end you get something that for example feels and plays exactly as Doodle Jump but looks different. And as you can hire developers in oDesk and Elance to develop your app, you can also hire developers to just re-skin your app, by doing this method is realistic to release an app for under $200. Obviously your odds of success are slimmer but if you can come up with a unique and fun angle you can see some success.

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