Doodle Jump tips and tricks

Doodle Jump is a fun and addictive platform game that has gotten extremely popular on smartphone devices. It was developed by Lima Sky and its available on almost every type of device there is.

doodle jump tips tricks

If like us, you are a fan of this game, you will find our tricks and tips really helpful in making you beat your high score! if you been playing this game and you are stuck, you have come to right place to get unstuck. If you are just so addicted to this game and playing its not enough here you will find fun ways of playing it, and things that you may not had been aware of before.

Please note that if you only have the free version, there is things we may write about that will not be available in your free version of the app. Its a good idea to buy it to get the full fun experience and also to get rid of the advertisement! If you just downloaded the free version to decide if its worth to buy it or not we are sure you will end up buying it before you know it.

Ok so enough introductions, now to what you came here looking for, tips and tricks to improve your game and most important, get new high scores! Here are some tips that will most definitely make you improve:

Memorize the patterns:

After some time playing the game and moving Doodle the Doodler you will start noticing repetitions in patterns, start making mental notes of these and try to memorize them. Make this a habit while you are playing and it will become easier and easier to memorize the patterns. Once you start recognising patterns you will be able to predict them and you will be able to move Doodle in much more complex patterns without failing.

Turn off directional shooting:

You can turn off the directional shooting if its too hard to use for you. If you do this you will need to change your gaming style and start killing the monsters that are right on top of your Doodler. But remember that also the only monsters that can kill you are the ones that are on the platform you land on.

Use the left and right borders of your screen:

Take advantage of the fact that there are no blocks on the sides and use it to get from left to right and the other way around. This can make a big difference when platforms are put in places too hard to get to.

Use a relaxed position. 

No, not for Doodle the Doodler, but for you. You play Doodle Jump by moving and inclining your device and its very sensitive to any change so you want every movement of your device to be controlled and not unintentional. So sit comfortable when playing to minimise unnecessary movements.

Time is your friend:

Unlike many games, Doodle Jump has no time limits so you should take your time and resist the urge to advance without thinking it. Take advantage of this to plan out each move, just a little patience and critical thinking will go a long way in the world of Doodle the Doodler.

Touch below and shot up:

Our beloved Doodler is equipped with a gun to kill monsters. If you tap the screen he will shoot that way. But you don’t need to touch up and mask whats happening with your finger, you can touch on the lower part of the screen and the Doodler will still shoot up and in that direction.

Its time to put in practice these useful to tips so fire up Doodle Jump and try to get a new high score!

Happy Jumping!