So you want to make your own game?

Game apps are fun, and sometimes our gaming paths cross with games so fun like Doodle Jump that we can’t get enough of it and we let our imagination fly and we start creating new levels, monsters and even weapons in our heads. Soon enough and without even noticing it you realise that you have a somewhat consistent idea for a new game app.

And when you become aware that some game developers like the guys behind Doodle Jump have become millionaires thanks to their simple but highly fun and addicting game your somewhat consistent idea starts getting stronger and with that some obvious questions start to arise.

The first one and more common is how much does it cost to build an app, if you are not a developer you will need to hire one to get your app done, you will also need a designer to do the UI. If your budget is really low you may try to find a freelance developer that is capable of doing everything but unless you are serious about the success of you app or you have the necessary skills you will need to spend some money.

Some ways of cutting costs its going with an overseas developer. There are websites such as oDesk or Elance where you can hire app developers on an hourly rate or on a project basis. Depending on the features of your game you can consider this option as it will cost you a fraction of what you would spend with a local developer or company.

Now, if your budget is extremely thin but you want your app idea made a reality no matter what you can consider being flexible and take the road of buying an app template. An app template is an app already working which in some cases can be a clone of a popular app like Flappy bird or Doodle Jump or can also be something more generic like just a car that drives in an infinite road. What you do is buy the code and then get someone (or learn how to) “Re-skin” the app, this means adding or changing all the graphics with some of your own.

In the end you get something that for example feels and plays exactly as Doodle Jump but looks different. And as you can hire developers in oDesk and Elance to develop your app, you can also hire developers to just re-skin your app, by doing this method is realistic to release an app for under $200. Obviously your odds of success are slimmer but if you can come up with a unique and fun angle you can see some success.